What Makes a Good Leader?

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Everyone knows a good leader when they see one. The ability to guide and motivate a team towards a goal is an invaluable quality in any area, whether it be work, personal life, or community. Most people would like to become better leaders, but they often don’t know how.

Although every good leader is different, there are some traits which they all share. If you want to hear tips on leadership direct from successful leaders, then you can look up people like Michael Canzian. Here, though, you’ll find some qualities which are common to all good leaders.


Good leaders need to be the strong foundation on which their team can build. The real leader is always ready to take on the burden of any subordinate, even if it’s just by listening. The pillar of strength of any team is the leader.


The best leaders take responsibility for their team. They hold every member accountable, but most of all themselves. You might say that the leader’s main job is to keep the team on track towards its goal, and the only way to do this is through accountability. In the long run, whether or not a group reaches its objective is due most of all to the responsibility its leader takes.


team leader must not only be strong, but kind as well. By being approachable and understanding, a good leader makes it easy for team members to approach him or her with problems. They will seek to resolve issues as soon as possible, providing the needed support along the way. The leader must not only be the head of the team, but the heart as well.


It almost goes without saying that leaders must have a certain amount of moral integrity to be really good at what they do. This can be summed up in the quality of honesty. A true leader must be honest with the team. The very best leaders are those who will not step over any boundaries in order to benefit themselves, but who instead work wholly above-board and for the good of the team.

So there you have the most significant qualities of real leaders. There are countless examples of great leaders out there, both past and present. No matter your personality, you have it in you to be the kind of leader that your team wants and needs. By developing these traits, you will be taking giant steps towards becoming a successful leader.

Candice Cearley

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