Ways To Make Money From Online Gaming

Some individuals love playing games online. They spend a considerable amount of time in front of the screen and engage in different types of games available online. Sounds unbelievable, but playing games online is an excellent means to make some additional money. The best part is that one doesn’t have to invest capital while playing free games to make money. In the last few years, the gaming industry has evolved like no other entertainment industry. The scope of making money by playing free games is making it an even bigger industry in the coming few years.

Anyone Can Make Money Playing Video Games

The gaming industry is expected to continue growing in the next few years. This indicates that more games will have opportunities to make revenue than before by simply playing video games. The best part about the process is that one doesn’t have to be a hardcore or a professional gamer to earn money. Monetizing one’s skills and know-how of video games is an out-of-the-box method that is helping a significant number of young individuals to earn additional money. There are multiple ways to make money with online games.

Becoming a Professional Gamer

When an individual’s gaming knowledge and skills are better than most average players, he/she can do good as a professional video game player. Individuals interested in highly competitive gaming can also excel as professional gamers. A professional gamer is known to earn around $1500 to $5000 every month, depending on the skills, popularity of the games, etc. Becoming a professional gamer is a challenging task, and it takes years of dedication and practice to become skilled enough and compete at top-level competitions. When one is serious to play free games to make money, professional gamers can achieve it quickly.


Sponsorships and brand deals are considered the most vital source of revenue for the current gaming industry in the US. Reputed and well-known brands are often sponsoring professional gamers and paying them to advertise and promote their products and services. Such brand deals and sponsorships enable pro-level gamers to earn millions of dollars. Additionally, amateur or new players can get money from such deals simply by playing video games online. A gamer simply needs to have a large social media following so that big brands can be interested in sponsoring and paying.

Becoming a Video Game Coach

Apart from participating in high-stake competitions as a gamer, one can also make money by coaching other interested gamers. Becoming a good video gamer takes a lot of practice, dedication, and skills years to reach the pro level. Moreover, there are several tactics and strategies that gamers have to implement from time to time to win games. The tactics and techniques can be taught only by top-level professional gamers. Henceforth, one can begin by coaching the beginners on the fundamentals of the game and charge for the coaching services. When a professional gamer establishes himself/herself as a reputed coach, he/she can charge more.

Live-streaming Gameplay

Live-streaming gameplay is yet another way to play free games to make money. One can find multiple game streaming platforms online that enable a gamer to live-stream his/her gameplay. If an individual is good at it, he/she can create a huge fan and following base who loves watching him/her playing different video games. The best part of live-streaming of video games is that there is no need to invest any capital, except for a strong internet connection and a good quality webcam. One doesn’t need to be the best professional gamer to live-stream his/her gameplay. If one is good at playing a specific video game and is highly entertained by his/her presentation, the number of followers will automatically increase. With an increase in the number of followers, one can begin monetizing the channels by running advertisements, collaborating with big brands, and even giving paid subscriptions.

Turning into a Gaming Content Creator

The online video game industry is worth millions. Video games are highly entertaining, and people constantly seek ways to be thrilled and entertained. When one taps into the gaming market, he/she can earn a lot of revenue by playing games. If one minutely browses the internet, he/she will come across several game live-streamers, offering commentaries to the viewers and thereby making millions of money in return. Apart from live-streaming, one can make millions by creating gaming content, such as blogs and videos on different online platforms.

To be successful, it is vital to focus on creating videos that one is passionate about and thereby develop followers. After a certain number of online followers, one can begin monetizing the gaming content with sponsorships, affiliate links, and advertisements. Gaming content creators can be bloggers, podcasters, or YouTubers. Their earnings are directly associated with the number of downloads or views they receive. They also can earn from sponsored posts rather than just play free games to make money.

Becoming a Game Tester

Before video games are released, they must be tested thoroughly. This emerges the need for video game testers who need to play games and find out even the most minor bugs and report them to the game-developing companies. The prominent role and responsibility of a game tester are to play numerous games for free and get paid by the game-development company. Such companies often recruit full-time professional video gamers or outsource freelancing gamers so that they can play games for long hours and find out any issues.


The above analysis clearly highlights the multiple ways of making money by playing free video games online. One doesn’t have to play free games to make money all time. He/she can earn even by coaching others about video games and creating blogs, podcasts, and gaming content. Making additional money by playing games is an excellent method to lead a debt-free life. There is no need to invest anything to play free games and, in return, make hard-earned money.

Candice Cearley

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