Pneumatic Casters: What Are They?

There are several types of pneumatic casters, including swivel wheels, semi-pneumatic, and wire casters. These types of casters don’t mark floors, but they can mark certain floors if they are not turned slowly. Pneumatic casters that are black in color do not leave any floor marks when allowed to roll. On the other hand, those with black rubber tires may leave a mark if they are dragged sideways.

Semi-pneumatic casters

Semi-pneumatic casters are a great choice for heavy-duty applications in working environments. These casters will easily roll over most types of debris and can also be used in situations where sand or mud are present. In addition, these casters are resilient and can handle continuous use.

Semi-pneumatic casters are quite similar to pneumatic casters. The only difference is the type of tires. While both types of tires are pneumatic, semi-pneumatic casters have thicker walls. However, while the walls aren’t completely airtight, they still contain a hollow space that provides cushioning and can’t be punctured. This type of tire is often found on vehicles, including cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

Semi-pneumatic casters are more robust and able to handle more weight. They are also suitable for areas with sharp debris, such as lawn and garden centers.

Synthetic rubber

Synthetic rubber pneumatic casters offer many benefits over traditional pneumatic casters. They are quiet and provide superior floor protection. They are also easy to roll over debris without leaving marks or scars. This makes them ideal for continuous use and large assembly facilities. Whether you’re relocating equipment or need to move heavy objects from one location to another, these casters will get the job done.

Another popular material for caster wheels is neoprene. This material is produced by polymerizing chemicals, making it a type of elastomer. This material is highly resistant to grease, oil, and other harsh chemicals. This makes it the ideal material for caster wheels.


Pneumatic casters are air-filled wheels that help control the speed of moving equipment or tools. They are commonly used in indoor and outdoor appliances and are preferred over polyurethane casters because of their superior grip and smooth ride. Pneumatic casters are made of natural or synthetic rubber and are made to withstand a variety of surfaces. They also provide shock absorption to cushion the movement of objects on rough surfaces. This type of caster is commonly used in hospitals, medical equipment, and carts. These wheels provide a smooth and fast operating activity, which is essential to ensuring the safety of patients and staff. Pandemic-related activities have been on the rise in hospitals and healthcare facilities, which helped the market for pneumatic casters.


Wire pneumatic casters are a versatile way to move shelving units around. They can be repositioned easily in increments of one inch. The tread is made of chemical-resistant polyurethane, and the core is made of polyolefin. These casters are compatible with most types of wire shelving rack tubing. To install, pop out the plastic insert and push the stem into place until the wire shelving legs are flush with the caster raceway.

Wire pneumatic casters are great for industrial applications. They offer smooth movement on any surface. They are perfect for hand trucks, platform trucks, and utility carts. They can even be used in wet environments.

Kingpin Less

These pneumatic casters feature a patented Kingpinless(TM) design and a 4-1/2″ diameter raceway filled with 3/4″ carbon steel balls. The patented design accommodates load and thrust and features a durable powder-coat finish in a coordinating Laguna blue. These casters are also available with security cages and mobile storage racks.

Pneumatic casters are a versatile option for your manufacturing needs. Their durable construction is ideal for handling a variety of items, including those with rough surfaces and uneven floors. The pneumatic tire increases ground contact and minimizes the risk of tipping.

Candice Cearley

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